Owl Mug 2


For all the night owls out there, we have the mug for your warm milk. Then your hot chocolate. And your cup of caffeine-free tea. As well as the second, third, fourth and as many as it takes to get you through the night. Finally, he’s also there for you in the morning with coffee, so you can pretend like you actually slept last night.

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This mug is thrown on the wheel using porcelain stoneware clay in our studio, located in Calgary, Alberta. The graphic on the mug has been hand-carved into the surface using the sgraffito technique, which involves covering the mug’s surface with our handmade black slip and carving away until the image is finished. This means you can feel the slightly raised, carved texture as you wrap your hands around a cozy cup of tea or coffee. While we create different series of designs each mug is made and decorated individually, so that no two pieces are identical, and each design is matched with one of our brightly coloured glazes.

All of our mugs are handmade, so their individual sizes may differ slightly. We do our best to keep them as consistent as possible.
Approximately 500mL
Stands about 13cm tall and is 9cm wide at the base


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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 13 cm